Detroit Pistons Ready For Playoff Push : #Pistons

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  PISTONS READY FOR PLAYOFF PUSH Last Thursday the Detroit Pistons made a huge splash at the NBA trade deadline, but will this cause the team to sink or swim? Coach and General Manager, Stan Van Gundy, decided to continue the efforts towards obtaining a playoff spot, rather than tank. Excuses to tank could include the release of the Pistons' highest paid player, Josh … [Read more...]

Pistons’ Options are Endless This Summer : #Pistons

Lebron James Detroit Pistons Greg Monroe

  Pistons' Options are Endless This Summer In the summer of 2012 the Orlando Magic knew they were not going to keep Dwight Howard, due to free agency. Howard ended up choosing the Los Angeles Lakers. The Magic and Lakers worked out a trade. It was a four team trade involving Orlando, LA Lakers, Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers. How that trade went may be a … [Read more...]

Did the Detroit Pistons Purposefully Tank? : #Pistons

Detroit Pistons Tank 2014 Season

  To Tank or Not to Tank  Many Pistons fans and outsiders have been a little surprised to see some frank improvements with interim coach John Loyer’s team, since he took over after the all-star game. These improvements were reduced turn-overs and increased free throw percentage. Don’t get me wrong, the team is still a mess of ball-hogs and whining babies who cry foul … [Read more...]

What I Love About the 2014 Pistons : #Pistons

Things I love about the 2014 Detroit Pistons 2014 Pistons

  What I Love About the 2014 Pistons  Stalking the various Detroit Pistons online forums, it is easy to slip into a rut about what is wrong with the current Pistons team. They discuss who is to blame for each loss, who is being selfish, what the coach did or did not do properly, and how many days Joe Dumars has before he is fired. Unfortunately, these are the same … [Read more...]

Pistons: Just say “NO” to Isiah Thomas : #Pistons

Pistons to take over for Joe Dumars Pistons

  No, Isiah! Incredible. The rumor today is that Tom Gores is going to offer Joe Dumars' position of President of Basketball Operations to none other than Isiah Thomas. Has Tommy followed Thomas' horrible career? At least the suit and tie portion has been nothing less than disastrous. Ok, all respect is due to Isiah Thomas, first ballot HOF'er, … [Read more...]

12 Things To Hate About the Detroit Pistons : #Pistons

12 Things I Hate About the Detroit Pistons

  12 Things About the Pistons that Make Me Vomit (a little in my mouth) If this is the Detroit Pistons team we will have for the rest of the season, it is time to be honest with ourselves. Players have come out, so now is the time for us to…about what we dislike about our Pistons. 1.     Josh Smith’s infamous LOOOONNNNGGGG 2-pointer…attempt:  Back in December, an … [Read more...]

Who Got Mo Cheeks Fired? : #Pistons

Who got mo cheeks fired

  Who Got Mo Cheeks Fired?  Last Saturday evening, sports columnist Peter Vecsey tweeted: Source reveals Cheeks was doomed when Josh went 2 Dumars & wanted Mo fired & Billups went w him. Denials f Love, Flip & Minny media at 11— Peter Vecsey (@PeterVecsey1) February 22, 2014 This opened up a flood gate of rumors, as to who received credit for … [Read more...]

Charlie Villanueva Wants Out : #Pistons

Charlie Villanueva buyout pistons

  Charlie Wants Out! Don’t Let the Door… Last year at this time, Charlie Villanueva was asked if he was planning to pick up his player option for $8.5 million. He replied, “Would you let that money go?” Case closed. Immediately after the trade deadline last Thursday, February 20th, forward Charlie Villanueva was asked about the possibility of receiving a buyout … [Read more...]

Busy Summer Ahead for the Pistons

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  What the Pistons Will Do This Summer Leading up to the NBA trading deadline on February 20th, Detroit Pistons fans were at odds as to which player(s) should be traded. Some believed forward/center Greg Monroe was expendable, since he would demand a maximum contract this summer. Others thought that the experiment of Josh Smith at small forward was over and he should … [Read more...]

Why Wasn’t Joe Dumars Fired? : #Pistons

Tom Gores and Joe Dumars

  Why Wasn't Joe Dumars Fired?  Many sportswriters, sports announcers, and fans were expecting Joe Dumars to be shown the door shortly after his hand-picked head coach, Mo Cheeks, got fired earlier this month. The timing was questionable, however, it does show that owner Tom Gores is controlling the future of the Pistons, since he took credit for this firing. Why … [Read more...]